Headphones | Cloth and real-time practice

Adrian lan sun luk headphone 02
Adrian lan sun luk headphone 01

High-poly render with displacement

Adrian lan sun luk headphonezbrush

Viewport render from Zbrush

Adrian lan sun luk headphone wire

High-poly model wireframe

Adrian lan sun luk headphone ingame smll

Low-poly model on Unreal Engine

- - -
I'm listening to music all the time, it's keeping me inspired, with this project I wanted to make a tribute to my headphones.

The fun part was to realized the cloth part. I've started by creating a donut on Maya and wrapped it with two pieces of cloth on Marvelous Designer.
The reason why I've used MD was to quickly get a lot of realistic folds, to achieve this affect I like to use the Lightweight Nylon preset with a Shrinkage Weft and Warp slightly higher than 100.

To avoid a perfect look, I took the simulation and sent it to Zbrush for a quick sculpt session. It was a great way to add more organic details and imperfections to the model.

I was curious to know if I can achieve the same look in a real-time scene, I've decided to create a low-poly version of the model, baked all the details from the high-poly and sent everything in Unreal Engine.
It was the first time that I was using this software and I loved it, I will definitely focus on more real-time projects in the future.