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Matrix Fan Art | A.P.U

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" The Armored Personnel Unit (A.P.U) was a hydraulic mechanized walker designed for combat. They formed part of the primary line of defense for Zion.

APU armor is ironically minimal, favoring speed and firepower over bulky protection. (...) To some people, this separation of man and machine with a lacking cockpit is also symbolic of who is in control and who is not. "

It's certainly one of the most challenging personal project that I did and my favorite. I've learned a ton of new things while working on it and I've particularly realized how much I'm passionate about modelling and that I should move to London in order to specialized myself in this field.

Before jumping to Maya, I gathered a lot of references from the movie Matrix Revolutions to understand the design and function of each pieces without using a blueprint. I also learned Quixel for the texturing process and Keyshot to get really quickly my lighting and composition intention.

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