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Modeling Reel | 2019

MODELING | REEL 2019 | Adrian Lan Sun Luk Video

- - -
I'm pleased to present you my latest Reel.
Many shots are from Passion Pictures which is a company where I love to work, thanks to them for being part of their beautiful projects.
I was very honored to work on ' How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming ' at Jellyfish Pictures, congratulations to the team for their amazing work and feedbacks.
It was a pleasure to work with ETC where I had the chance to work for clients like Apple, Sixt or Ikea. My favorite ad with them is the sea lion that I had to model/sculpt, a great opportunity to improve my sculpting skills.
Like the previous year, I had a lot of fun doing personal projects in order to extend my knowledges. A huge thanks to the Discord ' La Forge ' who is sharing amazing tips and feedbacks.
I will share soon more posts about the Vintage T-Cab which is part of an exciting project that I am supervising since nearly a year, so stay tuned! :)

- - -
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