Viking Weapon | Wooden Shield

Adrian lan sun luk 01 wooden shield final

Final render made on Maya with Redshift

Adrian lan sun luk 02 wooden shield sculpting

Sculpt details made on Zbrush

Adrian lan sun luk 03 wooden shield texturing

Texturing made on Substance Painter

Adrian lan sun luk 04 wooden shield reference concept sergey samarskiy

Concept from Sergey Samarskiy

- - -
Wooden shield inspired by this amazing concept from Sergey Samarskiy. Have a look at his profile, you can find a tutorial showing the full proccess for this illustration:

For this project, my main focus was to speed up my modeling and texturing workflow. It was the perfect asset to improve my skills on Zbrush and Substance Painter. The whole asset tooks me one day of work.